Chimping Why do we use animals to describe some of the things we do – like having a Lark, Chimping or Dogging? Actually only one of these expressions directly relate to photography. Having a Lark simply means having fun which, if you use a camera, you should be. And Dogging? Well, I suppose photography and fun could be ascribed to this particular activity, but let’s move on shall we. I’m an old film guy who was used to waiting hours and maybe days before I found out if the shot I’d taken was over-exposed or otherwise ruined. Now of course, … Continue reading Chimping

Shutter Release

Shakespeare said it best: To stab, prod or press, that is the question. Well ok, maybe he didn’t. But how many times have you, together with innumerable irritated small children, pets of every dubious variety, crotchety Aunts and Great Aunts and everything in-between, all held a patient rictus smile while the ‘photographer’ faffed about pressing everything but the bloody exposure button on the camera. It’s not that hard. Is it? But capturing other decisive moments apart from family groups and friends is not a skill most of us carry within any of our button-pressing digits. And I happily include myself … Continue reading Shutter Release

How To Hold the Camera

Holding a Camera Everyone knows how to do this, right? Wrong… The lady who was taking a picture of her left ear didn’t. Not that is until I (gently, very gently) turned the camera over – because she was looking through ┬áthe wrong end of the viewfinder. I’ve often wondered how long she had been doing that with her camera. The resulting snaps of her holiday in Italy might best be described as ‘Travels With My Ear’. Now admittedly, this was pre-digital and viewfinders have mostly been replaced by screens on the back of the camera that you generally can’t … Continue reading How To Hold the Camera