One From the Archives

There are many pitfalls to digital, but losing your negatives isn’t one of them. Or rather,  shouldn’t  be.

I’m much more careful about holding onto images these days than I used to be. This picture of a Cherokee native American Indian was taken back in 1976. In the last century.   And good grief, doesn’t that phrase makes me ancient? The thing is, I have no idea where this negative is anymore. All I have left (luckily) is a dog-eared, stained 8×10 print. Which I’ve scanned and shown here. Saved!

The other thing is, would/will my digital images ever be discovered once I’m gone and forgotten in the same serendipitous  way this print survived? Well, if they are in ‘the cloud’ maybe. Always assuming the payments to lodge them there didn’t lapse… How about in hard drives then? Sure, if they don’t go missing or get corrupted. Or the OS changes so much they can’t be read. DVD’s? They go bad too…

So the shoe box archive begins to look a pretty good idea after all. As long as they aren’t thrown out of the attic as junk.

Picture taken on a Nikon F camera with a 90mm lens using Tri-X film. I still have this camera too.


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