Where Has The Time Gone?

When the world drags me down, the sparkle in your eyes keeps me alive.

Music is irrevocably linked into out subconscious, taking us back in time and often to a place where it resonates in our brains for a lifetime. I thought I’d jot down my own in no particular order.

Follow that…

Well, here is one. Very different. And such an evocative song from Fairport Convention. Sandy Denny wrote this when she was only nineteen. Yeah, this is the song I’d like played at my funeral I think and after this, then At The End of the Line by George Harrison as it’s such a positive and humorous song and death should be celebrated as bringing new life. Ha, actually I’d really like to shock the funeral director by choosing The Cult instead… What a send off that would be!


Anyway, enough of death, I’m still around…

One from the revolutionary sixties, when we, the youth of the time, felt we could change the world. We could do with more of that spirit today.


Alt-J Music that needs listening to. Preferably in the dark. Not for everyone, but I do love it. Please don’t go, I love you so.


I’m far from radical, but I do rather like unusual sounds and unique voice, and Portishead were very different.


More classic, and jazz based, so many good songs from this lady.


Driving alone back to my digs at 2am through twisting empty roads with this album at full blast. Yes, I can still see the headlights searching out the road ahead as I drove fast, singing along to the words. The surreal music and darkness of the drive all contributed to the memory.


I could be happy with a cinnamon girl, a dreamer of pictures, I run in the night… No puts emotion into songs like Neil Young. Just makes me want to move.


A poem and an unusual and unique song.


The complete antithesis of the previous song, is this outrageous song. But who said I had to be consistent?


From the ridiculous of the above, to the sublime.

“Twenty-four and there’s so much more…”

I guess I’m that old man now.


Marty nails this Gershwin number… such evocative singing. Sends me right back to hot summer times.


Terrific sentiments in this poetic song. Perfection.

In the early morning rain with a dollar in my hand With an aching in my heart and my pockets full of sand Now, I’m a long way from home and I miss my loved ones so In the early morning rain with no place to go


The Lemon Song, outrageously rude but sounding great in a crowded club, filled with that wonderful bass, the smoke and all those dancing girls. Squeeze my lemon baby.


The Who, who else? That opening, it sends shivers down my spine even now. And yes, I did play pinball.


Living in the Past, yeah, appropriate here I guess. Just a tune of the times for me.


Del Shannon, I was only ten when this came out, but I can remember being totally absorbed by the weird sound.


Even earlier, 1957, this also buried itself into my rebellious mind when only six. No wonder I’m as mad as I am.


The very first song I can remember is this. My parents playing it constantly. I must have been about four or five, yet it came out in the year I was born. Les Paul was an astounding musical inventor. Modern multi-tracked recordings are largely down to him.


Traveling around North America, this song was on the radio constantly in 1976.


And in Canada, this song was always on. The ship sank the year before in the Lake Superior. Haunting.


Steve Harley, always made me smile.


We were all ‘weekend millionaires’ back then…


Wild West End, and it was, kinda wild. London back in the day. Just another angel in the crowd…


A good song which I think should be played at my funeral. Who wouldn’t want these guys singing you over to the ever after?


Just such a cool groove. And I’m just growing old. The kids today know nothing…


Heartfelt song from John.


She never lost her head, even when giving head…


I guess the lyrics get you.


Are you human? Well, are you?


Alt-J  A different soundscape


And of course, Eric…


Back in ’72, listening to the Doobies in a cold cramped flat in Manchester, they kept me warm.


Never a fan of Bowie when in his prime, but now, man his music is damned good. What was I thinking? I know what I was thinking, wtf is all this crappy glam shit?


The fabulous harmonies and a good spliff…


Cream. Of course!


The Master


Fine feathered friends, who’s friendliness depends on how you do…


Oh Carole… what an album Tapestry was. And is.


Bob, can’t leave out Bob.


Pure Gold, and not on the ceiling.


The ‘Vibes’ ever…


Good music is good music, and this is, well, damned good. A rising star.


More good sounds, and new(ish)


Some girls have style, you know? Paul Simon puts it nicely.



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