Cars are (usually) sleek, metallic and desirable. So why photograph them as if they’re a can of sardines? Ok, once you would drape a scantily clad female over a sardine can purporting to be a car, but those days of shite 60’s cars and sexploitation are over. Mostly. Somehow an E-Type just has to have a desirable female somewhere near it…

But those sleek lines (of the car, pay attention) need to be shown. So as a creative photographer you (that’s you, right?) must somehow show the design off to its best. And the worst enemy of any car photographer is Specular Highlights. (As opposed to spectacular highlights, which are a whole different ball game) These SHit show themselves readily when any bright light is shone on any beautiful metallic paintwork. Avoid direct sunshine like the plague. You could buy spray cans of dulling spray designed specifically to smother any SHit that appears if you do, but much preferably, you can shoot in the Golden Hour.

The Golden Hour is that time of the day just prior to or after, sunset and dawn. The light is naturally soft and diffuse and simply lends itself to any form of vehicle picture. The photographer merely needs to place said vehicle in nice surroundings and get the exposure right. Job done. Piece of cake. Even dog-ugly vans in the uniformly prescribed white can look seriously good. Here’s proof.

Rapido 7087f  006Rapido 7087f  001

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