f11 Magazine

I’m chuffed to see that f11 have published a spread of my folio shots alongside an article for their June issue. View as a PDF (recommended) Download PDF… View on-line in your browser View in browser… This free magazine is one of the best photographic publications around, and it’s an honour to be featured. If you’ve not seen it, here is the link. It’s certainly worth subscribing, not only for the wonderfully varied photography showcased, but also for the depth of thought and insight that goes into their leader articles. Highly recommended! Continue reading f11 Magazine

Phones Cameras, Good Enough?

The phonecam has come along a fair way of late. The latest software and cameras are improving to the point where I for one am asking myself, do I need a ‘real’ camera anymore? Well frankly, probably not. But… and of course there is always a ‘but’. The latest phones are pretty damned good. Plus now they have some really clever software tricks like fake bokeh. Bokeh is the fancy term photographic aficionados use, a term coined in Japan towards the end of the last century and used to describe out of focus areas beyond any sharply focused subject. This … Continue reading Phones Cameras, Good Enough?

One From the Archives

There are many pitfalls to digital, but losing your negatives isn’t one of them. Or rather,  shouldn’t  be. I’m much more careful about holding onto images these days than I used to be. This picture of a Cherokee native American Indian was taken back in 1976. In the last century.   And good grief, doesn’t that phrase makes me ancient? The thing is, I have no idea where this negative is anymore. All I have left (luckily) is a dog-eared, stained 8×10 print. Which I’ve scanned and shown here. Saved! The other thing is, would/will my digital images ever be … Continue reading One From the Archives